Op Shop

The All Saints’ Op Shop, which serves both church and community causes, is situated behind the church, and is open 10-1 Wednesday, Friday and Saturday (Tuesday to Saturday during school holidays).

All Saints Op Shop is part of the Diocesan Anglican Network of Opportunity Shops and operates under its constitution.

The three areas are staffed by an ecumenical group of volunteers under the Supervision of (volunteer) Helen Edwards with Treasurer Kristen Dillon.  The Op Shop is open from 10.am – 1.00 pm on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. In school holidays it is also open on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

The Op Shop Committee, composed of the Vicar (Chairperson), Treasurer, Secretary  and members,  meets twice a year to determine the disbursement. Under the constitution the parish receives one quarter of the profits and may request additional funds. The Op Shop contributes significantly to the parish financially.

The Op Shop also fulfils an important pastoral role in the town with many customers spending time talking with staff members in the shop. Customers come from all over Victoria with holiday makers returning each year. Many pensioners depend on our inexpensive clothes. We donate spare goods to other charities. Helen Edwards writes the Op Shop column for the local newspaper, Talking Heads.

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