Parish History

The Parish of Ocean Grove with Barwon Heads was formed in 1959, but the congregations that make up the parish have a much longer history.

Anglican worship at Ocean Grove started in the Temperance Coffee Palace, The Chalet, in the 1880s. Four decades later, Barwon Heads welcomed Anglicans at The Pub during the 1920s.

Both congregations had blocks of land set aside for church buildings while these temporary arrangements were in effect. The first St Peter’s Church was opened in 1896, but by the 1950s the congregation was outgrowing the building. Extensions were planned and fundraising began for the new church, which was dedicated in 1960 and consecrated in 1968. In Barwon Heads, a farm building was converted by parishioners to become All Saints’ Church. Opened in 1937, the church was dedicated in 1940, and extended in 1952 and 1964.

The Vicarage in Ocean Grove was built in 1964. Until then, the Vicars had lived in their own houses. James Waterman House, the parish property in Barwon Heads, was purchased in 1994.

While each congregation works in its own geographical area, we like to feel that the shared gospel of our Lord knows the barrier of neither river nor denomination. Through the years, many activities have spread across the whole parish, and now the parish itself operates under a Parish Council, with participation from the members of both churches.



Parish of Leopold

Parish of Marshall

Augustus Phillips 1894-1898
Arthur Raymond 1898-1902
William Brett 1902-1905
Thomas Quinton 1905-1935 Thomas Tinniswood 1930-1935
Alfred Gamble 1935-1936 David D.Carruthers 1935-1938
Parish of Drysdale
Mervyn Britten 1936-1939 Garthshore S. Home 1939
Parish of Leopold: The Ridley Readers
Reg. Roddick 1939-1940
A.Robert Lormer 1940-1941
Herbert Neil 1941-1943
Lyle J.McIntyre 1943-1945
Neil Glover 1945
Albert Haley 1945-1946
Chas Holloway 1946
Ian H. St Clair 1946-1947
Gordon Garner 1947-1948
C.Fraser Withington 1948-1952
Noel Tolhurst 1952-1959
Parish of Ocean Grove with Barwon Heads
Noel Tolhurst 1959-1961
James Waterman 1961-1968
Thomas Gee 1968-1972
David Leon de Dear 1972-1974
Murray James Morton 1974-1983
Robert N. Presland 1983-1993
Robert Ireland 1993-1995
John Minotti

Jill McCoy